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Sleep Well Toddler (1+ years)

We will address your toddlers’s sleep issues and the plan of how to fix them.


      • Preliminary Evaluation
        This is a comprehensive questionnaire about your child’s sleep habitsand routines that you’ll fill out prior to our meeting. (Having this information in advance helps us make the most of our time together.)
      • Private Phone Consultation 
        In a 90 phone minute consultation, we’ll the sleep plan and additional support documents I have created for your child, discuss toddler sleep strategies, troubleshoot possible problems, and learn how to address bedtime, nap time, night wakings, or any other specific toddler issues you might be dealing with.
      • Customized Sleep Plan
        I will prepare for you a customized sleep plan and email this to you at the conclusion of our private consultation.
      • Six Follow-up Telephone Calls
        Our first call will follow the night you choose to implement your sleep plan.  Then we will schedule the other follow-up calls will occur during the first week following the consultation.  The calls will typically last about 15 minutes, and we’ll use this time to deal with any setbacks you might be having or answer any general questions.
      • THREE Weeks of Unlimited E-mail Support
        You will have my private email address for three weeks of unlimited email support beginning the day you implement your sleep plan. I will respond to emails within 24 hours M-F.
      • Sleep Well Children Tool Kit
        This is information to help you address anything that could come up with your child’s sleep. Topics include: nap transitions, travel tips, how to best transition to a toddler bed, how to maintain successful naps as your child ages, and daylight savings time change.

Investment for Sleep Well Toddler: $445

Additional child starting at same time: $100

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