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Why won’t my baby sleep?!

  This is a question I often asked my first child when she was an infant.  I asked it in a sweet voice, I asked it in a pleading voice, I asked it in an angry voice, but no matter how many times I asked, she never gave me the answer.   I can remember […]

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Separation Anxiety and Your Baby’s Sleep

Let’s talk about separation anxiety!  I get emails from people saying that they’re not sure if it’s the right time to make changes to their child’s sleep because their child is going through separation anxiety.  That is a very common part of childhood development that most children go through at one point in their lives. […]

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It must be the teething…..

Teething!!  Have you ever found yourself blaming just about anything you can’t figure out with your baby or toddler on teething?  He didn’t eat well today, it must be teething?  He is really grumpy today, his gums must be sore?  He didn’t sleep well last night because he is teething.  I don’t know what is […]

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Travel Tips for the Memorial Day Weekend

Travel Tips- The biggest mistake parents make is that they over schedule themselves. They try to pack in all the fun and adventure they might normally have had back in their “child free” days, forgetting an important fact: That doesn’t really work for a young child. An occasional car nap, or slightly later bedtime probably […]

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