It must be the teething…..

Teething!!  Have you ever found yourself blaming just about anything you can’t figure out with your baby or toddler on teething?  He didn’t eat well today, it must be teething?  He is really grumpy today, his gums must be sore?  He didn’t sleep well last night because he is teething.  I don’t know what is […]

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Travel Tips for the Memorial Day Weekend

Travel Tips- The biggest mistake parents make is that they over schedule themselves. They try to pack in all the fun and adventure they might normally have had back in their “child free” days, forgetting an important fact: That doesn’t really work for a young child. An occasional car nap, or slightly later bedtime probably […]

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The bedtime routine is so important!

I want to talk a bit about the bedtime routine.  Now, if you go to any baby site on the Web, search “my baby won’t sleep,” or whatever you’re looking for in regards to sleep, almost every single site will tell you about the importance of a bedtime routine.  So will I. Even adults have […]

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Do you eat right before you go to bed?

I was recently interviewed and featured in a survey of sleep consultants and experts. The questions related to one’s ability to fall asleep at night, more specifically: reasons for sleep deprivation, when one should stop drinking coffee during the day, when is the latest one should eat at night, what are the worst foods to […]

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Are you addicted to your monitor?

Today I want to ask you a very important question.  Are you addicted to your monitor? It might sound silly, but this is really an area of concern for me. I think what happens for a lot of us is we get dependent upon this monitor.  You’ve got it right beside your ear.  I’ve had […]

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5 Sleep Tips for for holiday travel

When you’re planning a family holiday with a baby or young child, an important thing to consider is how your travel plans are going to affect your child’s sleep routine.  You’ll have a much more enjoyable vacation if you organize your trip in a way that allows for as little disruption as possible to your […]

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