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Well rested children

A very well rested family

I received a call from a lovely mom named Amy, who had 4 beautiful children that were not sleeping well.  Bedtime was a struggle with the older children having many difficulties going to sleep without Mom or Dad in the room only to have one if not both of them in Mom and Dad’s bed by morning.  Then there […]

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Have a stay-cation

It’s been a long week, you and your spouse have only exchanged quick check ins with each in passing.  There have been a couple of  shouts to each other about basketball games, much anticipated dance recitals, or information that your favorite underwear are hanging in the laundry room.  You are in need of a stay-cation.  A […]

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How to help your child adjust to Daylight Savings

Daylight savings is around the corner, coming up Sunday, March 11, 2012.  Time to “spring forward” the clocks.   It can be a dreaded time for parents of young children because with this, comes an adjustment that does not happen immediately.  This is because children tend to be more structured in their bedtime and wake up […]

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Gimme 10

Do you ever forget to bring up something that you have wanted to communicate to your spouse?  Or sometimes do you feel like you never get to discuss anything together until the kids are asleep and at that point you probably feel more like plopping yourself on the couch to watch some good reality TV.  […]

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Sometimes I feel like I live in a Zoo!

Has anyone ever looked around at the area that your children play in and think you are living in a zoo?  I know that I certainly have on more than one occasion.  With these winter months in full swing and outdoor play limited, I have often thought I have all of these wonderful, engaging toys […]

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